Tilde's service is ending on December 15, 2021.

Dear fellow Tilde users,

Thank you so much to everybody who used Tilde and helped us along the journey.

We learned a lot from you, and we are grateful that you used the product we built with passion.

However, Tilde was a very broad proposition. We set out to build a great virtual space for people to meet, brainstorm, communicate, work, have fun, or just be present during a time where everybody was disconnected from each other. During the time it has been needed the most.

Unfortunately, the scope of that mission also meant it was hard to decide what we should do next, and what to focus on.

That's why we've decided to refocus our effort on a very specific use-case: making the best workshops platform possible. For that, we've broken ground on a new product, PopStage, and we encourage any of you who used Tilde for workshops to contact us and help us build an even better tool for you.

Please read our FAQ below for all the questions you might have.

Thanks again for everything.

Laurent Baumann, Founder & CEO

Frequently asked questions

Can I access my rooms until December 15, 2021?

Yes, if you have a room bookmarked, or a calendar meeting with a Tilde room, you will still be able to access it until December 15th, 2021.

Can I still create new rooms?

We've disabled the creation of new rooms.

When will my rooms be closed?

Your rooms will be closed on December 15th, 2021, along with the rest of the service. You will not be able to access Tilde after this date.

What will happen to my content?

All the content in your rooms (sticky notes, files, whiteboard, notepads, etc.) will be deleted on December 15th, 2021. We recommend you download all the content you want to save.

How do I save my content?

The simplest way is to join your room, and manually save all the content.

For files, use the menu in the top right corner to open the file in a new tab. You can then use your browser to re-download the file.

For Whiteboards, click on the download button in the top right to download the whiteboard as a PNG.

For Sticky Notes and Notepads, the only way is to copy + paste their content in another software.

If your rooms contain a lot of content and you would like help getting everything back, contact us and we will help you.

What about the browser extensions?

The browser extensions have been decommissioned. If they are not automatically removed from your browser, you can right click on the extension and select "Uninstall Tilde".

What about the Slack extension?

The Slack extensions has been decommissioned. To remove it from Slack, a workspace administrator will have to click on "Manage Apps", select Tilde, click on the Configuration tab, and click the "Remove App" button.

What are you going to do next?

Tilde has been used for bootcamps, workshops, training sessions, etc. While the experience was good, we believe we can provide an exceptional product for moderators, facilitators, and participants by crafting something new that's focused on events. You can learn more at PopStage.com

Any other question?

Please contact us at support@with.so